Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer For Your Big Day

It’s safe to say that, for most people, their wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives. Alongside having children, many count the day they got married as one of their most cherished memories and, as such, it’s only normal to want simply stunning photographs to help you remember the day. With this in mind, we wanted to bring you a quick blog post which takes a look at the importance of choosing the right wedding photographer (check out my buddy’s website at Shoot Me Now Studio) and a few things which we feel you need to consider when researching different photographers.


First things first, know what it is you’re after! From traditional to contemporary, there’s numerous different styles of wedding photographer so you need to know what you like and what style of photographer you’re looking for! Spending some time researching what you like before you approach any photographers helps considerably as you’ll ultimately ensure that you then start a discussion with those who offer the style which you like! One popular form of wedding photography at the moment is that of ‘reportage wedding photography’ where photographers tell the story of your day through pictures! As opposed to traditional shots, you’ll see the whole day from start to finish and end up with an album which really does help you re-live every minute of the day!

Once you know what you’re looking for, you need to approach your shortlist of photographers! Ideally, you’ll do this sooner rather than later as any decent wedding photographer will get booked up months in advance. As such, the later you leave it, the less chance you have of securing your ideal photographer for your big day.

You need to spend time with, we’d say, 3 photographers and talk through your needs, requirements and expectations as well as discussing their previous portfolio. Fingers crossed, by sitting down with a few photographers, you’ll find that you almost instantly know which one is for you and be in a position to discuss the date and negotiate a deal which gives you the photographs and albums you’re after!

What Should Men Wear During a Photo-shoot?

Most guys dress up nicely only when they’re encouraged, when it is need for an important occasion or when they are scheduled for a job interview. Rarely do they think about looking great in front of the camera, whether for a mug shot, for a family photo, an ID card application business or a picture for a company portrait. As you read on, you’ll learn the insights on what guys should wear for different photo shoots that will come their way.

Let’s start with the clothes groundwork for passport photo or your permit. Photographs under this particular class reveal a portion of your shoulders and face. In this event, you’ll need clothing that complements your facial features and skin tone. More so, these garments must make you appear tidy and confident. Just what are the bits you need to pull here? Choose a dress shirt with solid colour that makes your face gleam. Pair it with a simple or patterned necktie. For your suit coat, select one that’s not light in color. If you are not dressing yourself properly, your attempts to appear amazing in your photo would be worthless.

Family photo wearing red

Dressing for a San Jose family photo shoot is just another challenge which will test your skills on hunting for the best ensemble for guys. Although we often think of smart clothing for this, the bits a guys need to wear is determined by the type of portrait to be created – a formal or everyday type. If the place of the shoot is outside and if the team is informal, sporting a pair of dress pants and a polo shirt will be sufficient. If you need something classic, one should wear an Earth tone colors and non-striped dress shirts. You can select between two sets of garments for an official family photo shoot in San Jose to be done in a studio. Primarily, you wear a 3 piece outfit. Second, you wear a dress shirt that you can finish off with a pair of dress pants and casual leather shoes which you can cover with a classic jumper.

Company portraits are quite distinct from the above mentioned kinds of pictures. Pictures used for professional purpose has to be viewed with the person whose character will soon be an item of the portrait. A suit in solid black colour or charcoal gray tint with a white dress shirt inside is what guys should wear for this kind of photo shoot. You can get a light blue inner wear if you do not like white while some go for a pinstriped suit. That’s a good choice, particularly when the subject of the photo is around his 50’s.

A picture can declare lots of things about the man in it. How you look in a photo gives an idea of what your character is and along with your values in life, for those who don’t understand you personally. The truth is, your San Jose family photo shoot can direct the way individuals should see you. This is the reason why you must learn the guidelines on what guys should wear in front of a photographer’s lens.

Corporate Portraiture

Finding someone to cover for your services is high up on your list, alongside with sorting out the technical elements of your brand-new endeavor. At the end of the day, it all comes down getting paid by customers. Where are you really going to find them? By the time you’ve finished reading this post, you have some thoughts on where to search for probable Corporate Portraits customers.

Think of where individuals and local companies gather together. Places such as Lunch clubs, trading organizations and chambers of commerce come instantly to mind. Network at these locations and give out your details to people through a little leaflet, if possible.

Discover the papers and periodicals locally. A few of these can be targeting the area of businesses, so have your Corporate Portraits mentioned in it. A no-price approach might be a better thought, although you may pay to advertise. For instance, you can hold a charity event like giving the profits to a local cause and shooting pictures of individuals in a shopping center quite cheaply. Tell the newspaper ahead of time and get an article written about you and your services.

Among the matters the easiest method would be to make use of signs. It costs hardly anything in putting up a poster in a shop window. Try printing something professional and placing it where customers might visit. The post office is a good example. Dealers go there to send posts or mails to their customers daily.

Print an excellent quality flyer and deliver it yourself to factories, offices and stores. It’s not going to cost you much if you print it at home and the delivery will be on own your time. You can begin discussing your Corporate Portraits photography service and may just bump into someone and get a customer in the process.

Tell people what you do. Consider all areas where you go to meet with prospective customers such as weddings, parties and all types of social gatherings. Always have a supply of your contact details that you easily hand out when you’ve mentioned what you do.

Make yourself a marketing calendar. You may just spend that which you’ve budgeted for and you’ll be able to see where you could do and what’s working. It may be constructed around the top times to advertise also. It is vital that you’re exceptionally organized as you should make every cent count.

Eventually, get referrals from your present customers. What’s the simplest way to get this done? Be straightforward and awesome. Make your Corporate Portraits service astounding that customers will naturally tell other prospective customers about it.

What to Wear for my Senior Portrait: Tips

Senior portrait photo shoots are really exciting. You get an opportunity to get featured in your school yearbook which all your juniors will read. Therefore, you need to look the best you can. Professional photographers usually conduct such photo shoots. Their tricks with the camera can help you get the appearance you wanted. But following touches, the camera can only boost the appearance but not create a brand new one entirely. Many times, individuals do not understand what to wear for senior pictures and they end up picking ensembles that are completely unsuitable. This informative article lets you know the best way to select footwear, great ensembles, and accessories for senior pictures.


There are specific things that you need to remember while deciding for any senior picture outfits:
• Be prepared with at least five pairs of senior picture outfits that will fit you nicely and make you look great.
• Ensure that you simply select various layouts and clothes designs, including formals, fashionable, casuals and etc. Keep variety in the colours too.
• Prevent excessive and overtly fashionable materials. Keep in mind the photo shoot is for a yearbook, and not for a trend magazine.
• Additionally, avoid clothing with photos and wordings on them, except for the symbol of the school.
• Make certain you feel comfortable in all of these ensembles.
• Keep all the ensembles prepared three days before the shoot.

For Men

Men should carry a minimum of one proper three-piece suit with a suitable tie. Nothing can beat a good pair of jeans and t-shirt as well. Trousers and an official top is a timeless classic and among one of the most popular senior picture ideas for men. They can experiment with a fit and a mix of garments that will look stylish and peppy. They could also add various kinds of blazers, coats, hats, and caps to get a distinctive appearance.

For Girls

Girls should go for ensembles which are not too revealing and that don’t show plenty of skin off. This doesn’t mean they should wear clothes that are boring. They can pick stylish and descent ensembles that will make them look classy. A set of dark, skinny jeans with a nice-fitting top is among the finest senior picture ideas for girls. They can also go for informal or formal skirts and experiment with the length. A nice-fitting black dress is essential for a senior photo shoot. Girls can experiment with colours, neck lines, different sleeve patterns, and fundamental layouts of the ensembles.

high school senior portraits


In order you get a complete look, you also need to order for matching footwear for every ensemble. Ensure the shoes are shone nicely, as well as ensure that laces, socks, and etc., are also arranged for in advance. Women should assess if their footwear goes with their clothing correctly. It is best to take a trial and check if they’re comfortable. You will need to wait in the exact same shoes on the day of the shoot and therefore, the relaxation variable should be stressed on for practicality.


It is necessary that you pay attention to your accessories too. Men should ensure that they have all of the belts, ties, tie pins, totes, eyeglasses, handkerchiefs, and etc., ready with them. You need to see that everything is fitting totally with your ensemble. Girls should likewise ensure that their hair accessories, jewellery, totes, belts, scarves and etc., are arranged correctly for each ensemble. It is best that you make different sets of every ensemble with related accessories in order to avoid confusion on the day of the shoot.

With these suggestions, you are certain to have fun assembling a couture set for the senior photo shoot. Additionally, it is strongly advised to consult your photographer if he or she has anything else to suggest for yearbook thoughts. You can even reveal to your photographer some pictures of models, and see if you’re able to get the similar appearance. You will have some amazing pictures of yourself, if everything goes well.